• Reach out to an emerging market
  • Exhibit in 3 major Indian cities
  • Target - HNWI's, Investors and Trade
  • Robust marketing, PR and advertising campaign
  • B2C and B2B opportunities
  • Strategic tie-ups for increasing awareness and visitors
  • Seminar educating investors on Thai real estate
  • Prominent keynote speakers





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Property Report

Thai Property Show, India 2010

TPS or Thai Property Show is an exclusive showcase of properties from all across Thailand. The show endeavors to highlight the incredible investment opportunity and value for money in the Thai real estate market. The best Property Cash Buyers can be found here www.propertycashbuyers.com.

TPS India 2010 will take the sellers to the buyers across 3 major cities in India, including Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The exhibition will offer both B2C as well as B2B opportunities. Today India is the 4th largest economy in the world and Indians are investing heavily in real estate all over the world. After the global recession India is one of the few economies to emerge unfazed by the global downturn and has a projected growth rate of over 7%. Four Indians occupy spots in the 10 richest people on the planet and it is estimated that Indian US$ millionaires will grow by an additional 400,000 in the next few years. A record 10.8 million Indian tourists went on globe trotting sprees in 2008-09, the worst year of the economic slow down. With India’s economy forecast to grow strongly in the medium term, we expect individual wealth to balloon. This will not only be seen in greater numbers of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) but also, and perhaps more significantly, in the explosion of India’s middle-classes. The implications for residential investment by HNWIs both abroad and in India are potentially huge. The number of HNWIs in India is growing at a faster pace than any other nation. The number of Indian HNWIs escalated by 23% during 2007, making it the highest rate of any nation, narrowly outpacing China and Brazil. Property accounts for around 43% of all household wealth in India. India is now the fourth highest buyer of properties in the world and similar trends are visible already in the Dubai and Malaysian real estate market.

The program has been thought out such that it will have a significant and enriching impact over a limited period of time. The first day will kick start with a thorough seminar educating the visitors on the legalities, risks, investment opportunities and associated services available for investment in the Thai real estate market. This seminar will give investors a solid platform from which they will be able to move ahead with their individual queries and investigations. This same seminar will be repeated at the end of Day 2 (in cities where the exhibition is scheduled over 2 days) to reinforce the process and possibilities of investing in Thailand, and will give a second chance for all those that may have missed it on day 1. Keynote speakers will include prominent Thai developers, senior lawyers / partners from established law firms, reputed real estate brokers, property management companies as well as financial and fund management specialists. Each seminar will conclude with a Q&A session.

TPS India 2010 will be held at venues which will attract the right profile of visitors. A robust marketing and advertising campaign of the show will be targeted to bring in high net worth individuals as well as peers from the trade such as the top Indian real estate brokers, asset & property fund management consultants, financial consultants and real estate developers looking for partnerships in Thailand. The marketing campaign includes strategic tie-ups with partners for the purpose of promoting TPS in order to increase foot falls at the show. Media partnerships will cover a 360 degree spectrum covering TV, Radio, Print, outdoor, mobile and internet. The advertising campaign will include national newspapers, magazines, internet portals, radio, billboards, posters, mall activations etc.

For visitors, TPS India 2010 offers real estate investors and property buyers the opportunity to explore a new location for investment which offers great return on investment, yield and high value for money.  The show will aim to make investors and buyers aware of the opportunities, risks and services prevalent in the Thai real estate industry. The show also combines itself with a Thai Food festival as we bring some of the most redounded Thai culinary artists to India so visitors can sample a taste of food to expect if they decide to invest in Thailand.  That’s not all; TPS in partnership with a prominent Thai Spa will provide visitors the opportunity to experience a traditional Thai foot massage so visitors feel rejuvenated and can cover every inch of the exhibition.


TPS news

Dubai Land
Dubai Land Department's "Initial Registration System" makes strong impact at the International Property Show Dubai 2009.

International Property Show
"International Property Show- Dubai 2009" witnesses substantial property deals amidst downtrend in property sector.

Real estate prices
Real estate prices in Dubai have dropped by 25 per cent compared to its peak in September 2008, according to recent market reports.

Industry news

Phuket arrivals up as real estate undergoes �absolute makeover’
Passenger traffic through Phuket International Airport during the first half of this year surged 28 per cent compared to a year earlier – marking a dramatic recovery for the destination as it leads Thailand’s tourism revival and a return to the boom year of 2007.

Prime Phuket property remains among the cheapest
Prices of prime Phuket property are amongst the cheapest of the world’s most popular international homes market according to a new report. The International Residential Report published by Chesterton Humberts discovered the price of new homes on the Thai island were EUR3,500 (US$4,460) per sqm. Prices for similar homes in Singapore were recorded at EUR16,200 (US$20,650), and at EUR19,500 (US$24,850) in Hong Kong. Monaco remains the world’s most expensive location for property, with prices for a second hand home coming it at EUR45,000 (US$57,350) per sqm.

No possibility for Affordable housing within Mumbai but possible in nearby vicinity
Due to absolute scarcity of available lands for development and land prices going extremely high, Affordable housing within Mumbai city limits does not seem possible and can only be possible in areas like Karjat, Panvel and other extended suburbs of the island city. The MMRDA is about to identify the nodal centres for housing schemes to be implemented through public-private participation.

India - Diversify your portfolio by investing overseas
You may like a particular company, but you do not invest all your money in that particular stock. Going by the same logic, you need not restrict all your investments to India alone.

Foreign investors will return to Thailand’s coastal resorts
The cyclical nature of the property market in Thailand’s coastal resorts means foreign investors will return – sooner or later.

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